We have created a program that automatically generates the input files for Alohomora_m. The program, Chip2Spell, takes as input a genotype report and publicly available annotation files and creates the genotype file, map file and frequency file that will be used by Alohomora. The program is especially useful if the map and frequency files for a given plateform are not stored in the Alohomora library, but it is also a quick way to convert the standard Affymetrix or Illumina genotype report format to the AB format requested by Alohomora. The latest Affymetrix and Illumina whole genome plateforms are specifically supported, but it is also possible to use Chip2Spell with previous chips.

Chip2Spell was implemented using the Perl interpreter version 5.8.8 on a Linux workstation and has been tested on Linux and Widows XP and Vista.